About Us

Charvikent has delivered technology solutions that enable enterprises to evolve and innovate. From product metadata services, to real-time responsive web and mobile applications, to transformative development projects, Charvikent’s delivers its customers the next level of enterprise innovation.

Charvikent’s employees have delivered technology solutions to more than multiple companies, in a variety of industries: media & entertainment, retail, software, venture-backed startups, and more. From startup – has worked to ensure customer success.

Charvikent is a global technology services organization delivering high-quality software engineering services using Agile methodology and SEI-CMMi processes. Charvikent providing Software Solutions, Software Services and Managed Services. Charvikent also provides its customers with a variety of choice of its own Software Applications, Tools and Mobile Applications to choose from. Charvikent has IT Professionals with an average of 9 years’ experience in different Software Technologies. Charvikent specializes in Healthcare, Web3.0 and E- Business Suite resources.

Charvikent has experience in enterprise-based architectures, social media, hybrid and native enterprise mobile implementations and cross-platform integration.