To take advantage of emerging technologies and approaches, Retail companies of all sizes are partnering with Charvikent to solve their e-Enablement needs.


One of the scariest tasks for a retail enterprise is to choose the right eCommerce platformone that will not just allow them to set things up quickly, but offer the flexibility to tweak settings as they grow and integrate with industry-leading third-party solutions.

Our expert teams share with our clients their knowledge of the many available eCommerce platforms, helping to identify the necessary tools, templates and themes to best suit the budget and style of each client. The result is a choice of platform that seamlessly unites commerce solutions with the ability to enable social media publishing and true online marketing.


Businesses thrive on flexibility now more than ever. The ability to shift between and add different templates and themes to your online store gives you an advantage your competitors will struggle to overcome.

Additionally, A/B testing is an important method necessary to create a genuine sense of engagement with your audience. Our UX experts help you set up the A/B test environment and finalize the best engagement for the end-usersresulting in a reliable, personal commerce connection.


Every online retailer has their own unique specifications on how to publish product catalogs. But merchants often see rejections from online retailers because their product catalog has not complied with these requirements. This is where Charvikent assists merchantsensuring product data is well formed; mapping products to the right categories on different channels; resolving product errors before they go live; and ensuring channel marketing is ready, thereby eliminating revenue leakage.

Charvikent has extensive experience working with marquee online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and The Body Shop, to name just a few of our clients.


Is your site ready for the next holiday season? With advancements in technology, tools and integration, the complexities related to scalability have increased tremendously, exposing multiple points of failure: availability, inventory movement, product setup, discounts and coupon calculations, loyalty updates and completing payment transactions. Every year we learn of countless failed online holiday sale stories. Charvikent ensures these nightmares don't tie-up your in-house teams, freeing you to focus on making sales.

We are the right IT partner to help manage the process of transformation each step of the way.