Enterprises of all sizes look to Charvikent to create and implement innovative retail business solutions and services, from design to testing and launch.

Charvikent’s Retail professionals are focused on the core needs of emerging and established retail development enterprises and existing chains, with a commitment to superior quality for the client and their consumers. As the retail technology landscape rapidly evolves to embrace Cloud, Mobile, Social, and Analytics, Charvikent is poised to give retailers access to customers in ways that weren't possible just a few years ago.

Even with this new technology, however, Charvikent understands that the core needs in the Retail sector continue to be the same for retail chains, individual retail stores, and retail product development companies:

- Quicken product setup and release to market
- Increase visibility online
- Increase engagement with visitors via Personalization
- Create a scalable IT infrastructure (enabling Cloud and Mobile)
- Drive multi-channel sales and boost visitor traffic
- Enhance the flow of data between systems

With years of experience that stretches back to our founders creating one of the first retail ecommerce platforms in the 1990s, Charvikent is a globally-recognized leader in digital solutions. Our partnership enables our clients to focus on what is core to them: sales, end-customer socializing, outreach, community development, fund raising, etc. Meanwhile, we take care of all their engineering, technology management, product support and IT scalability needs. We partner with our Retail clients to ensure flexible and scalable solutions that will meet their needs for now and in the future.


Charvikent’s “e-Enablement” engagement model consists of Products, Solutions and Services aimed at offering turn-key solutions to create, manage and scale ecommerce stores. We work to enable directed, focused retail expansion as a way to tap into growth markets, build brands and learn about consumers. Innovations in payment gateways are providing not only the means to make successful transactions, but to track the purchase patterns of consumers creating opportunities for targeted marketing. Let our expertise be both an enabler and differentiator across every part of your retail business.


Retail is increasingly moving to a variety of new platforms and Charvikent is the partner to help you keep pace with these changes. Having helped introduce the first automated, cloud-based, real-time loyalty marketing platform for brick and mortar, our experienced teams address key development areas to keep you ahead of today's market needs and aware of the trends driving tomorrow's evolution. Our Cloud application engineers handle the full process, from design to development to deployment, while our Mobile specialists handle development through cross-platform, native and hybrid leaving you free to focus on your core business, engaging customers at the point-of-decision with ease.


Coupled with hardware advances such as Smartphone and tablets, point-of service (POS) systems are transitioning from payments-only terminals to true software solutions. CHARVIKENT opens the path to these innovative solutions, enabling our customers to achieve new operational standards for their businesses, such as order management software for restaurants and loyalty programs for retailers.


Success in Retail is increasingly built not just on customers, but on being able to gather and interpret data about your customers and personalize their experience to better meet their needs. Charvikent is a pioneer in the metadata and analysis field, providing anywhere-anytime contextual data with integration as well as comprehensive metadata management to our clients for many years. From product details to pricing, discounts and loyalty programs to competitor information, we give you the tools that make the most of your data, converting noise to actionable data and turning visitors into loyal customers.